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I am using DataGrid in WPF application, using for loop for retreaving DataGridRow one by one until last, currently i sort datagrid by help of ICollectionView after using ICollectionView my for loop not in working.

XAML Code:

<DataGrid VerticalAlignment="Stretch" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" x:Name="GridTest"  ItemsSource="{Binding}" AutoGenerateColumns="False" CanUserSortColumns="False" CanUserResizeRows="False" AreRowDetailsFrozen="True" CanUserResizeColumns="False" CanUserDeleteRows="False" IsReadOnly="True">
                    <DataGridTextColumn  Header="SNo" Width="0.25*" Binding="{Binding Path=SNo}" CanUserResize="False" />
                    <DataGridTextColumn Header="SalaryAmt" Width="0.25*" Binding="{Binding Path=SalaryAmt}" CanUserResize="False" />
                    <DataGridTextColumn Header="Name" Width="0.20*" Binding="{Binding Path=Name}" CanUserResize="False"/>
                    <DataGridTextColumn Header="Address" Width="0.30*" Binding="{Binding Path=Address}" CanUserResize="False"/>

code behind:

namespace SortGrid
    public partial class TestDG
    Dictionary<string, GridStructure> Dict1;
    ObservableCollection<GridStructure> List1 = new ObservableCollection<GridStructure>();
    private ICollectionView _currentView;
    _currentView = CollectionViewSource.GetDefaultView(List1);
    _currentView.SortDescriptions.Add(new SortDescription("SalaryAmt", ListSortDirection.Ascending));
    void DispatchTime_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e)
    GridColors(GridTest_TierColors, GridTest);
    private void GridColors(Brush[] col, DataGrid Grid)
    int colorind = 0;
    for (int rowind = 0; rowind < Grid.Items.Count; rowind++)
    DataGridRow row = (DataGridRow)Grid.ItemContainerGenerator.ContainerFromIndex(rowind);
    if (row != null)
    //conditional formatting here
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You need to give us more details. What are you trying to achieve? What exactly isn't working there? You say your "foreach loop isn't working" but I can't see any foreach loop as well. Please be more specific –  Damascus May 27 '14 at 15:42
Sorry Damascus it is my mistake, i m using for loop instead of foreach. –  user3609924 May 27 '14 at 15:52
Possible duplicate of stackoverflow.com/a/1934568/1706610 –  FodderZone May 27 '14 at 16:00
No FodderZone, its still not return a row. –  user3609924 May 27 '14 at 16:31

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