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I'm working on a streaming audio server but I'm having trouble playing multiple files after each other (like a playlist). I'm using Binary.js on top of Node.js to stream chunks of mp3 files. Problem is, when trying to play the next file decodeAudioData doesn't work. It stops at the end of the first file, and chunks appended don't get added or decoded, even though new chunks are added to the buffer.

All chunks received, are appended to activeBuffer which is an ArrayBuffer. And when data is received I append the new chunk to activeBuffer then run play again with the new decoded data.

Here is the code I use for appending and playing chunks

var MP3ChunksPlayer = function() {
  var _self = this;
  var _activeBuffer;
  var _totalChunksLoaded = 0;
  var _context;
  var _audioSource;

  var _appendBuffer = function(activeBuffer, lastBuffer) {
    var offset            = activeBuffer.byteLength;
    var totalByteLength   = activeBuffer.byteLength + lastBuffer.byteLength;
    var output            = new Uint8Array(totalByteLength);

    output.set(new Uint8Array(activeBuffer), 0);
    output.set(new Uint8Array(lastBuffer), offset);

    return output.buffer;

  var _play = function(audioBuffer) {
    var scheduledTime = 0.015;

    try {
    } catch (e) {}

    _audioSource = _context.createBufferSource();
    _audioSource.buffer = audioBuffer;

    var currentTime = _context.currentTime + 0.010 || 0;

      scheduledTime - 0.005,
      audioBuffer.duration - currentTime);


  this.appendChunk = function(lastBuffer) {
    if (_totalChunksLoaded === 0) {
      _context        = new AudioContext();
      _activeBuffer   = lastBuffer;

    } else {
      _activeBuffer = _appendBuffer(_activeBuffer, lastBuffer);

    _context.decodeAudioData(_activeBuffer, _play);


Any ideas what might be causing the problem?

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