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I am trying to use file_put_contents on my local website to download some images from a website and save them to the C:\ drive. However when running the script I get an error

file_put_contents(C:\product_images\A): failed to open stream: Permission denied

I have full permission for the product_images folder and also the A folder inside.

I know I could just chmod in ubuntu but not sure what I could do with Windows. I just right clicked and selected properties and made sure all the users had all the permissions applied

    public function showImage() {

    $product_image = ['/ABCD/ABCD.jpg','/ABCDE/ABCDE.jpg'];

    foreach($product_image as $product_images) {
        $url = "http://images.url.com/product_images" . $product_images  ."";
        $letter = substr($product_images, 1, 1);
        $folder = 'C:\product_images\ ' .$letter . '';
        $new_folder = str_replace(' ', '', $folder);
        file_put_contents($new_folder, file_get_contents($url));

    $success = "Success!";

    return $success;
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file_put_contents() does not create folders. You need to create the folder prior to saving the file. – Sverri M. Olsen May 27 '14 at 15:57
exactly. the folder must exist. If you're trying to save a file try adding an extension, like .jpg – serakfalcon May 27 '14 at 15:58
Yeah, the A folder does exist. But if I delete the folder it will just create a A file which I believe is the image just not in a file format because it has a file size. – Lynx May 27 '14 at 16:01
So I am wanting the files to save like product_images\A\ABCD.jpg – Lynx May 27 '14 at 16:02
    foreach($product_image as $product_images) {
        $url = "http://images.com/product_images" . $product_images  ."";

        $test = explode("/", $product_images);

        $folder = 'C:\product_images\ ' . $test[2] . '';

        $new_folder = str_replace(' ', '', $folder);

        $newer_folder = str_replace('/', '\\', $new_folder);

        file_put_contents($newer_folder, file_get_contents($url));

        echo '../product_images/' . $test[2] . '';
        echo '<br />';
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I was able to figure it out with explode() – Lynx May 27 '14 at 20:31

file_put_contents works with URLs only if allow_url_fopen is on ("1"). Check it with


Also notice that while your writing folder might have the required permissions, the parent folder may NOT. Both (possible) folders should have the permissions.

You can also test the folder if its writable (through is_writable)

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