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The following code is throwing the error "this.element is null". However, the wid_cont is definitely grabbing an element.

 var min = $(document.body).getElements('a.widget_minimize');
   //var box = ;
   var wid_cont = ($(this).getParents('.widget_box').getElement('.widget_box_content_cont'));
   var myVerticalSlide = new Fx.Slide(wid_cont);

It's moo tools 1.2.4 and has the fx.slide included....

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it does not return a single element but an array due to getParents() and possible other similarly marked up elements, Fx.Slide requires you pass it a single element.

here it is at least partially working when passing first item of the array:

however, this is imo ineffective and difficult to manage if you have a long list of items and need a particular content layer to unfold only, you want to keep the lookup to the content layer more local.

something like this:

// store an instance into each content div and set initial state to hidden.
$$("div.widget_box_content_cont").each(function(el) {"fxslide", new Fx.Slide(el).hide());

$$('a.widget_minimize').addEvent('click', function(event) {
    // can't use this.getNext() due to wrapper by Fx.Slide which does not have the instance.

which works on the markup of:

<div class="widget_box">
    <div class="widget_box_content">
        <a href="#" class="widget_minimize">link</a>
        <div class="widget_box_content_cont">
            some content
    <div class="widget_box_content">
        <a href="#" class="widget_minimize">link 2</a>
        <div class="widget_box_content_cont">
            some content 2

this is also better as you won't be making a new instance of the Fx.Slide class on every click but will reference the ones already attached to the element.

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Thank you, that is much more efficient – Brant Mar 8 '10 at 13:59

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