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My page is a bulk order form that has many products and various size options.

I've got a gridview that has a 3 static columns with labels. There are then some dynamically built columns.

Each of the dynamically built columns have a textbox in them. The textbox is for quantity.

Trying to either update the server with the quantity entered each time a textbox is changed (possibly ontextchanged event) or loop though each of the rows column by column and gather all the items that have a quantity and process those items and their quantities all at once (via button onclick).

If I put the process that builds the GridView behind a if(!Page.IsPostBack) then the when a textchanged event fires the gridview only gets the static fields and the dynamic ones are gone.

If I remove the if(!Page.IsPostBack) the process to gather and build the page is too heavy on processing and takes too long to render the page again.

Some advice would be appreciated.


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I ended up building the columns dynamically in part by modifying and using the GridViewTemplate.cs I found here.

Since my textboxes were named based on their column name (which was based on the size options) I was able to loop through the size options and use FindControl to get the text box and its value.

protected void cmdSave_OnClick(object sender, EventArgs e)
    ArrayList itemsOrdered = new ArrayList();
    foreach (GridViewRow gvr in gvMainOrderForm.Rows)
        Label lblItemId = (Label)(gvr.FindControl("lblItemId"));
        string itemId = lblItemId.Text;
        foreach (string availableOption in availableOptions)
            TextBox tb = (TextBox)(gvr.FindControl("tb" + availableOption));
            if (tb != null && tb.Text != "")
                ArrayList itemOrdered = new ArrayList();

If the value was not empty then I built a small array that had the product ID, size option and quantity.

Now I'll be able to use the itemsOrdered to modify my shopping cart.

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how do you build the dynamic columns? are you handling events such rowdatabound, rowcreated, or are you rendering injected html with something like:

<asp:Gridview ...>
    <asp:TemplateField ...>    
           <%# GetDynamicHtml(Container.DataItem) %>

Is ajax an option?

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I've been working with full postbacks and haven't learned much in the way of using ajax to send back information... its on my list :-) I actually finished this piece of my project. The number of columns was a variable (based on size options for the particular items displayed). I'll post what I used below. –  tnriverfish Mar 8 '10 at 14:13

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