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I couldn't figure out that from SASS documentation. For example I would like to use Compass mixin with 5 parameters:

=link-colors(!normal, !hover = false, !active = false, !visited = false, !focus = false)

I would like to declare 5 constants with semantically understandable names like those:

!top_line_navigation_link_normal_color = #00c
!top_line_navigation_link_hover_color = #0cc
!top_line_navigation_link_active_color = #c0c
!top_line_navigation_link_visited_color = #ccc
!top_line_navigation_link_focus_color = #cc0

and then somewhere below add compass mixin to my mixin:

+link-colors(!top_line_navigation_link_normal_color, !top_line_navigation_link_hover_color, !top_line_navigation_link_active_color, !top_line_navigation_link_visited_color, !top_line_navigation_link_focus_color)

The line is long too much. I'm not very serious with this question. But is it possible to make multiline? :)

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No, Sass does not support multiline statements. But the new SCSS syntax in Sass3 does because it is whitespace agnostic, just like CSS.

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