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I'm writing a sortable list implementation in jQuery (b/c of the infamous scroll-in-div issue, any new solutions for this?). However, I don't know how to compare the elements (triggered on mousedown/mouseup) after they've been wrapped in jQuery. In prototype, it was always ele.domNode.

This is what I'm trying to accomplish in essence...

<div id="cheese"></div>
<div id="burger"></div>


// Some dom nodes wrapped in jquery
var ele1 = $('#cheese');
var ele2 = $('#burger');
var ele3 = $('#burger');

// Is the dom node wrapped in ele1 (#cheese) the same as in ele2 (#burger)?
if (ele1 == ele2)
    // Should never be true

// Is the dom node wrapped in ele2 (#burger) the same as in el32 (#burger)?
if (ele2 == ele3)
    // Should always be true

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e-motiv's answer here is great and not mentioned on this question:… – billynoah Feb 3 at 23:46
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A jQuery object can be treated as an array of raw DOM elements.

You can compare the raw DOM elements like this:

if(ele2[0] === ele3[0])
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this works & seems to be the preferred method, thanks :s – John Himmelman Mar 5 '10 at 21:01

Compare the DOM elements inside like this:

if (ele1.get(0) == ele2.get(0))
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this method also works, thanks! – John Himmelman Mar 5 '10 at 21:01

This is also a possible way to solve this problem. You can compare the id attributes since they should be the exact same in your example above.

ele1.attr("id") == ele2.attr("id"); //returns false
ele2.attr("id") == ele3.attr("id"); //returns true
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There is nothing gained from comparing by id, and calling attr is certainly slower than just indexing into jQuery objects. – Louis Oct 29 '14 at 22:00
Thanks for your insight. I just thought I'd share a solution that also works with no consideration for performance in comparison with other solutions since the OP did not say he was looking for the fastest solution. – M7Jacks Oct 30 '14 at 18:14

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