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I'm building an application that generates a lot of sitemap using this gem.

For each subdomain from my customers, I generate a sitemap.

For example, I have this subdomain http://silva1.lvh.me:3000/.

I want to each subdomain respond to its corresponding sitemap so google can index it. In this example, i'd like to return http://silva1.lvh.me:3000/sitemap.xml

My routes.rb is like;

class Subdomain
    def self.matches?(request)
      request.subdomain(1).present? && request.subdomain(1) != 'www'

  constraints Subdomain do
    resources :products, only: [:show] do

  get 'sitemap.xml' => 'application#sitemap'

In my application controller, i've created a method def sitemap, but I don't know what do I have to have inside to return the sitemap.xml file.

I configured the gem to return the path from my sitemap like this, but its pointing to my S3. I'd like to be call like this.

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