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I am trying to use the SET keyword as I want to spool the output as HTML for a query

conn = cx_Oracle.connect(mode=cx_Oracle.SYSDBA)
curs = conn.cursor()
#curs.execute('set markup html on;');
curs.execute('set pages 0');
curs.execute('update empolyee set job_status=\'Completed\' where job_id=' + str(new_id))

But I always get

 File "./scheduler_poll.py", line 22, in func_sql
    curs.execute('set pages 0');
DatabaseError: ORA-00922: missing or invalid option

What is the reason and how to do it?

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It appears that you are trying to use SQLPlus commands (set markup and set pages). You can only use SQLPlus commands in SQLPlus (or some other front-end tool that supports some subset of SQLPlus commands). You generally cannot use SQLPlus commands from application code. Your code could potentially invoke a separate SQLPlus executable and pass in a SQL*Plus script. Or you could write the code to convert your results to HTML. –  Justin Cave May 27 '14 at 21:03

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