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I have built a small Web API based service which works fine locally and even when i publish to Azure and access via the Azure provided url e.g. hostname.azurewebsites.com but when i access via my own domain using a CNAME record i get the message

No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI

Is there some config i need to set to allow this? The rest of my application (MVC5) works as expected on my custom domain which leads me to think the domain & azure is setup correctly...

EDIT: I have noticed that when accessing via http://www.james-roche.co.uk/api/android its returning XML but when visiting via http://james-roche.azurewebsites.net/api/android i get JSOn which my application forces.. This has me thinking i am not even accessing my own code?

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What are the exact DNS entries? Are you having an issue with james-roche.co.uk/api/android as well as james-roche.co.uk/api/android? –  Brendan Green May 27 at 21:40
I use a third party service to redirect the non WWW to www.james-roche.co.uk, but yes i get the error on both www and non www... I am not aware of a way to direct the naked domain to my azure hosting. Is this part of the problem? If so why does my website work on www. and not the sep api? Thanks for having a look :) –  Jarmez De La Rocha May 27 at 21:43

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