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I've found a lot of articles on web deploy and why it might fail, but not any with answers with this error message.

Web deployment task failed. (Could not complete the request to remote agent URL https://myserver:8172/msdeploy.axd?site=mysite.)

Could not complete the request to remote agent URL https://myserver:8172/msdeploy.axd?site=mysitename. The request was aborted: The request was canceled. This method is not supported by this class.

I am trying to deploy an MVC4 website from Visual Studio 2013 Express to a Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter server with the Web Server role installed.

I followed this (and other installation guides) and can confirm the following:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter
  • Web Server role installed
  • Management Services is running
    • Accepting windows and IIS credentials
    • Server Administrator has permissions
    • Remote connections enabled (and service restarted)
    • SSL certificate is our real one, not the self-cert
  • My firewall is configured to allow this traffic
  • I am prompted for a username/password when accessing https://myserver:8172/msdeploy.axd
  • The website is running
    • Bound to all IPs on :80 and :443 (with same cert as deploy)
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So for some reason, it didn't want the Windows Administrator account doing a deploy.

  • Created an IIS user in IIS Manager User
  • Changed the permission settings to Windows credentials or IIS manager credentials
    • Restarted Management Service
  • Added the newly created user to the website

it works!

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