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I am having an Android view with a Spinner on it. I call a populateSpinner() method to add some default values to it.

I also have a onItemSelected() event which gets called before the view is completed to print. I would like to run a code inside this block only when the user changes the selected items, not when I add or the form gets created.

How is possible that?

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Have you tried waiting until you have populated the Spinner to register the onItemSelectedListener?

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By 'waiting until you have populated the Spinner', you mean setting the adapter for the spinner, right? I call 'setOnItemSelectedListener' only after I call 'setAdapter' method on the spinner, but still the 'onItemSelected' event gets fired at the initialization of the activity. –  Samik R Aug 4 '10 at 5:59

Pentium10, I have found a solution for this problem and posted it here (with code sample):

Spinner onItemSelected() executes when it is not suppose to.

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