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I need something like MatLab's permute(A, order) or Mathematica's Transpose[list, {n,...}] for Clojure vectors (of vectors of...).

Swapping the first and second dimension is easy: (apply mapv vector x) but I'd like an inteface like the functions mentioned above where I can give a new order of dimensions, i.e. (permute x [1 0]) would be that transposition, (permute x [0 1 2]) identity for 3 dimensions etc.

Example for a Mathematica list of lists of lists:

Array[a, {1, 2, 3}]
{{{a[1, 1, 1], a[1, 1, 2], a[1, 1, 3]},
  {a[1, 2, 1], a[1, 2, 2], a[1, 2, 3]}}}

Transpose[%, {3, 2, 1}]
{{{a[1, 1, 1]}, {a[1, 2, 1]}},
 {{a[1, 1, 2]}, {a[1, 2, 2]}},
 {{a[1, 1, 3]}, {a[1, 2, 3]}}}

An existing library would be best of course, but any pointers would be appreciated. Numeric libraries usually just wrap a one-dimensional array and adjust the offsets, but I want actual lists.

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take a look at github.com/mikera/core.matrix –  edbond May 28 at 10:46
as usual that library works with its own matrix type only (probably just returning views with adjusted offsets) and: (defn transpose "If ordering is provided, will re-order dimensions according to the provided order." ([m] (mp/transpose m)) ([m ordering] (TODO))) it's not implemented yet. –  pascal May 28 at 18:55
One could implement this for all matrix types with Fare's LIL –  thodg Jul 30 at 16:36

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