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I am taking an array of JSON encoded objects and trying to make each object the title of it's own row.

Currently the row gets it's name from a counter (1,2,3,etc.) as such

$.row.title = "Job " +counter;

So the rows display as

|Job1 |
|Job 2|
|Job 3| 

the array responds with two parts to the title, title part 1 and title part two are the pieces needed. The array that is responding is:


I need to take the information in the array and change it so that the Rows display title part 1 and title part 2

|ID1 titlepart1 +titlepart2|
|ID2 titlepart1 +titlepart2|
|ID3 titlepart1 +titlepart2| 

Finally I do have control over how the PHP is sending the information to the Javascript. So if there are any recommendations on the PHP I can adjust that. Thank you in Advance!

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May be just loop over the array?

var obj =[{"ID":1,"titlepart1":"titlepart1words","titlepart2":"titlepart2word","userID":"1"},{"ID":2,"titlepart1":"titlepart1words","titlepart2":"titlepart2word","userID":"1"},{"ID":3,"titlepart1":"titlepart1words","titlepart2":"titlepart2word","userID":"1"}]

for (var i = 0; i < obj.length; i++){
    console.log(obj[i].ID + " " + obj[i].titlepart1 + obj[i].titlepart2);


1 titlepart1wordstitlepart2word
2 titlepart1wordstitlepart2word
3 titlepart1wordstitlepart2word
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