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I need your help with this. I know how to add it, is very straight forward, but in order to fit both I must increase the height of UITableview's tableHeaderView, the problem is that the search field centers itself overlapping the segmented controller, also the tableHeaderView height gets reseted when the iPhone goes into landscape mode.

enter image description here

Now onto why do I want a segmented controller in that place is complicated, I cannot use the searchFields scope bar because I want it to be visible even when not searching, and its job is to toggle what kind of data is currently listed in the table. Please don't suggest the use of a navigationBar because it won't work.

The hard way I think would be to create a custom view and add the two subviews (a custom uisearchbar and the segmented controller) but in that case I would have to implement my custom search display controller.

I was thinking about overriding some values in UISearchBar or UITableView but I'm pretty much null onto how.

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