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Okay, I have no problem identifying the .PST file using the Outlook Interop assemblies in a C# app. But as soon as I hit a password protected file, I am prompted for a password. We are in the process of disabling the use of PSTs in our organization and one of the steps is to unload the PST files from the users' Outlook profile. I need to have this app run silently and not prompt the user. Any ideas? Is there a way to create the Outlook.Application object with no UI and then just try to catch an Exception on password protected files?

// create the app and namespace
Application olApp = new Application();                
NameSpace olMAPI = olApp.GetNamespace("MAPI");
// get the storeID of the default inbox
string rootStoreID = olMAPI.GetDefaultFolder(OlDefaultFolders.olFolderInbox).StoreID;
// loop thru each of the folders
foreach (MAPIFolder fo in olMAPI.Folders)
    // compare the first 75 chars of the storeid
    // to prevent removing the Inbox folder.
    string s1 = rootStoreID.Substring(1, 75);
    string s2 = fo.StoreID.Substring(1, 75);
    if (s1 != s2)
        // unload the folder
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Yes you can automate outlook from another app. There is a Logon method on the NameSpace object so that you can logon to the profile then you can do anything that you want. But I think that it will just pop up the prompt again as it automation but ..There is a 3rd libray that may help you as well to do this as it does it via mapi instead. checkout profman.dll in the redemption libray

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@Ed Manet - Take a look at the code I posted here. We're doing something similar in my environment, and this is what I'm currently using. Yes, it could probably use some refining, but ti works for now and identifies both types of PST files.

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