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I have a module that manages a mysql table. Creating new records, editing existing ones, and deleting ones I dont want. Everything works except the edit_form validation. When I create the form, I select * from the table and build the form array with all the fields, using the '#value' attribute to set the existing values. The form displays correctly. When I validate the form, the validation function validates the existing pre-filled value, not what the user changes it to.

I'm building a site that has a table of bowling teams. One of the fields is zip code - it's required and must be 5 characters 0-9. New records validate fine. When I edit a record, I can change the zip code to a 4 digit number (and other stuff that should fail validation), and it still saves. Ie if the existing pre-filled values validate, then the record gets saved no matter what they change it to. When I try to edit the record again and fix the bad data, I can't because it's validating the existing 4-digit number, even after I change it to a valid 5-digit value.

I'm having an awful time finding search terms that dont return irrelevant results.. IDK what the proper drupal approach to this is, but my code obviously isn't it. What am I doing wrong, and how can I achieve this? Here's my code that doesnt work,

//////////////////////// the page ////////////////////////////

function team_edit_team() {
  $html = "a bunch of html";
  return array(
        'my_content' => array(
        '#type' => 'markup',
        '#title' => 'Edit Team',
        '#markup' => $html,

////////////////////// the form /////////////////////////

function team_edit_form($form,&$form_submit) {
    $team = db_query("select * from {teams} where t_id = :tid",
        array(':tid' => $tid))->fetchAssoc();

    // this is because the create and edit forms use the same base form
    $form['t_id'] = array(
      '#type' => 'hidden',
      '#value' => $tid,
    $form['submit'] = array(
      '#value' => 'Save',
      '#type' => 'submit',
      '#required' => TRUE,

    $editables=array('t_zip'); // many other fields snipped for brevity

    // pre-fill the form data:
    for ( $i=0 ; $i<count($editables) ; $i++ )
      $form[$editables[$i]]['#value'] = $team[$editables[$i]];

    return $form;

function team_form($form,&$form_submit) {
  // many other fields snipped for brevity
  $form['t_zip'] = array(
    '#title' => t('Zipcode'),
    '#type' => 'textfield',
    '#required' => TRUE,
    '#size' => 5,
    '#maxlength' => 5,
  return $form;

////////////////////// form validation /////////////////////////

function team_edit_form_validate($form, &$form_state) {
  return team_form_validate($form, $form_state);

function team_form_validate($form, &$form_state) {
  // check zip:
  if ( $zipmsg ) {
    form_set_error('zip', $zipmsg);

// this is in a different module bc all the modules on my site use it
function consts_checkZip($zip) {
  if ( strlen($zip)!=5 ) {
    return "You must enter a 5-digit numerical Zipcode.";
  for ( $i=0 ; $i<5 ; $i++ ) {
    if ( strpos($chars,substr($zip,$i,1))<1 ) {
        return "You can only enter digits in Zipcode.";

////////////////////// form submit ////////////////////////

function team_edit_form_submit($form, &$form_state) {
          't_name' => $form_state['input']['t_name'],
          't_zip' => $form_state['input']['t_zip'],
      // many other fields snipped...

  $nrs=db_update('teams') // Table name no longer needs {}

  $msg=ucwords(print_r($form_state['input']['t_name'], true)) . " (" . $nrs . ") updated successfully!";
  $form_state['redirect'] = 'team/cb/view/'.$form_state['input']['t_id'];
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I couldnt figure it out for a week, the day after I post I got it, go figure.... Anyway, for anyone else with the same problem stumbling across this: use #default_value instead of #value - when you use #value the user input is ignored. –  suprstar May 28 at 14:40

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