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i want to make a conditional statement on basis of post categories, i want post sub category to implement the logical condition but my code returns categories order by name, i want categories order by id or just sub category of that post.i dont want parent category,i use many codes but still not succed.here is my code

$category = get_the_category();
$firstCategory = $category[0]->cat_name; 
$ffirstCategory = $category[1]->cat_name; 
echo $firstCategory;
echo $ffirstCategory;

if ($category[0]->category_parent != '') {
 $kamicat=get_cat_ID( $firstCategory ) ;
 elseif ($category[1]->category_parent != '') { 
 $kamicat=get_cat_ID( $ffirstCategory ) ;

this works fine when posts parent category has no parents but it wont work whwn posr parent category has further parent category, so i want just post last sub category or post all categories but order by id.

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