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Do you know about any open source projects written in XQuery? The larger the better. I want to improve my XQuery skills by reading existing code.

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xprocxq is/was an implementation of XProc in XQuery, and is the only significant XQuery open source project I know of.

For a less conventional example of XQuery, I would recommend a look at the XQSharp raytracer (caveat: I am a developer for XQSharp).

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  1. GIT Hub
    1. Pomengrante ( XQuery deployment project )
    2. MarkLogic CQ ( Browser Based Xquery Query tool )
    3. XQuery-OAuth
  2. Google code

    1. XQMVC -- simple MVC framework for XQuery
  3. http://developer.marklogic.com/

    1. XQRunner
    2. XQDebug ( browser based step by step debugging )
    3. Semantic

and so on.

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This is a self answer:

Google Search http://www.google.com/codesearch "for file:.xq$" gives about 1000 matches. Most of them small scripts.

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We host and/or link to a good number of XQuery open source projects at http://developer.marklogic.com/code. There is plenty of code to read there for you.

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Hey there Eric or kadalamittai, hopefully you get this message... I posted a question here: stackoverflow.com/questions/4448993/…, and maybe you'd be able to comment? –  Danjah Dec 15 '10 at 11:00

See the XQuery Wikibook for a number of documented example XQuery applications

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