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I saw the other post with a similar title but there was no answer to my problem and I was unable to post a comment so I'm asking a new question.

I have a Crystal Report that contains a field within a text object (to control line spacing) and has "can grow" selected. When I export the Crystal Report to a PDF there are instances when the text is cut off.

From Drop Box

In this example the text is being cut off on the right side, but in some cases, when the text consists of many lines, the bottom part of the last line will be partially cut off.

I am using Crystal Reports that is bundled with Visual Studio 2008. The text area has "can grow" checked, the font is set to Helvetica LT Condensed, bold 14, and the line spacing is set to 0.75 times normal. Anyone have any thoughts on how can I fix this?

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I have run into this as well - Crystal seems a little confused about where the text box borders are. I suggest adding a small right indent to the text box (right click on the text box, select 'Format Object', select the 'Paragraph' tab, and enter small numbers (maybe .2 or so) into the Right text box. This should help with the right margin.

As for the bottom cut-off, there is no margin that you can add. Can you add a line break to the end of your text as it comes from the db? Or, you could try a formula field to add the line break:

{table_name.field_name} + chr(13) + chr(10)
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Adding 0.2cm to the right paragraph indentation solved my problem. –  zendar Nov 16 '12 at 18:40
Thanks this fixed my problem as well –  Nick Mar 8 at 16:00
  • Right click on the text field
  • Select Common Tab
  • In the Horizontal Alignment section I changed it to "Justified".

This adjusted the text to span properly and not cut off prematurely when using Can Grow.

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I think I've found out the problem. The bounding subreport width was smaller than the width of the field object. Adjusting it's width fixed the truncation occurring on the right-hand side.

On a side note, text being truncated on the bottom seems to be a result of adjusting the line-spacing too small. if you set the line spacing as a multiple of the original text point size and make it too small, the bottom part of the line is truncated. I changed this to "exact" and entered a specific point size (e.g line spacing of 18 pt. for my 16 pt. text) and this seemed to solve the problem. If the line spacing is too small it seems that Crystal masks off the bottom part of the text.

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I tried this and it solved this issue.

Try to do following :

Text Object > Right Click > Format Text > Border Tab

Change Line Style : Right/Left/Top/Bottom as single and change color to White.

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I experienced this problem when I updated a Stored procedure. I changed the Description field that I was pulling onto the report from a VARCHAR(100) to a VARCHAR(150) inline with a requested change. The Crystal report in preview mode had stored old limit of 100 characters and was truncating the label. This was rectified when I verified the database again.

Database Tab -> Verify Database

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