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I am a PHP developer however I'm looking widen my skill set. Can anyone recommend some good resources? (Online would be awesome but not necessary :) )

What are the biggest differences?

Any help is appreciated.

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I think the main difference is that C# is usually compiled (in a windows platform), whereas PHP is usually interpreted. C# is closer to Java in syntax, and is much more strongly typed than PHP (which is loose, weakly typed - you don't have to declare variables, etc).

If you're looking for great tutorials on C# I would personally look for books, since fundamentally valuable beginner-to-savvy instructions are more nicely consolidated in them than online.

You can look at this post on SitePoint.

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Well there are lots of tutorial sites out there. For example I found and it is very goof. – Sinan Mar 7 '10 at 18:28

After looking a little bit around. I found out that c# is not really the problem. As a developer I would say that it is harder to learn ASP.NET.

That being said it needs a little explanation; If you're learning ASP.NET from sratch it's not a problem. But with a background in PHP it takes a little getting used to ASP.NET's strange and not-so-standard ways.

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Coming from PHP, you might want to go with ASP.NET MVC rather than ASP.NET web forms. Still a learning curve, but MVC is probably a lot closer to what you're used to. – Cylon Cat Mar 7 '10 at 18:35

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