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I'm currently working on this python code using pefile python module

import pefile

pe =  pefile.PE('C:\Documents and Settings\Zha\Desktop\\test\\firefox.exe')

print '%x' % pe.FILE_HEADER.NumberOfSections

what I'm trying to do is to collect number of section of all file in the test directory however I need to run hundreds of executable file, is there any faster way to do it? Because the * option does not working.

ps: after few hours I found the answer myself, will post the answer after 8 hours

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After few hours of searching I found it myself lol

import glob
import pefile

for filename in glob.iglob('C:\Documents and Settings\Zha\Desktop\\test\*.exe'):
    pe =  pefile.PE(filename)
    print '%x' % pe.FILE_HEADER.NumberOfSections
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