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I'm new to Jenkins. I use build-flow plugin for parallel jobs and email-ext plugin for sending mail. The issue is that email-ext not sent e-mails. Here is my DSL for build-flow:

parallel (
    ignore(FAILURE){ build("Firefox_job") }
    ignore(FAILURE){ build("IE10_job") }
    ignore(FAILURE){ build("Chrome_job") }
    ignore(FAILURE){ build("IE11_job") }

What I need is to get an e-mail notification with links to "index.html" for each job, e.g.


Check the test results at:

As a workaround I could perform this sending for each job in DSL and then I get 4 e-mails. Also I could create seperate job which just sent all this links, but this job will be always success and I need notification only if failure. Thank you in advance.

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Just use a trigger for "failure"-if any only rather than using Plain Email_ext feature.

Hope this helps @user3535807

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