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I have a list in a select. After selecting an option i do a check and occasionally i want to change the selected to index 0 (first option, value=""). How do i set the select to that option with jquery?

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Here's what you are looking for:

$('select > option')[0].selected = true;
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$('select > option')[0].attr('selected','selected') should work i think

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select > option = get descendant of select :eq(0) means get the first (index=0) and then set attribute

$("select > option:eq(0)").attr("selected","selected")
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I know it wasn't asked for, but I used this to select the first value in all my DropDownLists

$("option:first-child").attr("selected", "selected");
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Here's an extension method that will do this so you can simplify your inline syntax

    deselect: function() {
        this.filter("select").each(function() { 
            $("option", this)[0].selected = true;

Then, you can call it like this:


Here's a demo:


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