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Can anyone recommend a custom or third party dashboard that can hook into an XML TeamCity build status feed?

The TeamCity dashboard is currently ok for devs but i'm looking for something to have on a monitor in the dev office that can 'at a glance' show

  • Which project(s) are building / failing
  • If applicable, which developer / which revision broke the build
  • Metrics?
  • Which tests (if any) are failing

I'm currently building my own but wondered if there was an off the shelf offering or extremely good code sample?

Note : Not SonarQube, it's not what i'm looking for, it's far too powerfull for waht I need. I just want something that reads the XML TeamCity build status feed and presents it in a nice / useful way.

Note : I've also looked at this one (which is very good) http://markswanderingthoughts.nl/post/40012275522/visually-attractive-teamcity-ci-dashboard

Note : I've also seen the list on the TeamCity plugins page http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TW/TeamCity+Plugins#TeamCityPlugins-Notification%2FVisualizers

-- Lee

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Actually, this has already been asked here, sorry stackoverflow.com/questions/14530424/… –  Lee Englestone May 28 at 8:59

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