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I am using MSCRM authenticated through ADFS.I have two active directories A and B.I setup a one-way forest trust between A and B so that users in B can access my resources in A.I currently use ADFS for problem is it is not friendly for a user to key in A\username or B\username to login to my webpage.Therefore I wish to build a custom login screen and maybe provide a radio button for the user to choose whether they belong to domain A or domain B.Because i use MSCRM,am I sort of forced to us ADFS?

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MSDN provides a series of entries about ADFS 2.0 Sign-In Pages Customization.

From the linked overview page:

The Sign-In Pages expose extensibility points that allow a developer to perform the following customizations: Change the accepted and default authentication types.

Customize the theme of the Sign-In Pages and add a company logo image.

Customize the behavior and layout of Sign-In Pages that are seen by the end user, such as the Forms Authentication and Home Realm Discovery pages.

These customizations can be done by modifying the Web.config file of the Sign-In Pages Web application or by modifying specific pages.

On a side note, as far as I've seen on our customers with IFD environments, you don't need to specify the domain when you sign-in, plain username and password seem to work (I'm not very expert in ADFS, but I understand that it "knows" which domain to authenticate against).

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