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I have an assignment in which I need to build R-tree indexes on a table and query them. But I am not getting proper tutorial or guide which specifically deals with R-tree in IBM Informix and querying an R-tree. I tried to Google but without much success. Can anyone can provide me with a good startup?

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I don't know what Google search terms you used, but I get to a good selection of information using:

  • informix r-tree index

Variations on this search theme is how I usually search for IBM Informix Dynamic Server documentation on the IBM web site - when I'm not accessing the PDF manuals which I keep downloaded.

Specifically, the section Using R-Tree Indexes (Google indexes an older version of IDS; this URL is to the IDS 11.50 Info Center), seems to cover the questions you have. This is from the Spatial DataBlade guide. You could also use the R-Tree Index User's Guide as a source of information. See, for example, When does the Optimizer use an R-tree Index.

If this does not sufficiently point you in the correct direction, you'd better update the question and explain what you don't understand, with cross-references to the documentation where you don't understand what it is saying.

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