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For a current project I am working on I need a way to keep track of test cases.

We are currently using unfuddle to keep track of our bugs, documents and source code. Since our app is a fairly complex client/server piece, we need to do some of the testing manually.

So, I am looking for a tool that will allow me to describe all the manual tests in some sort of list and remind me to work through all of them before each release (also, give me reports, etc..)

Ideally, I would like a hosted web app, as opposed to a windows application. I would like it also to be affordable.

There are a big list of apps here unfortunately, it seems none of them are hosted web applications.

Has anyone seen a hosted solution for test case management? (like unfuddle/lighthouse/github but for test cases) Has anyone seen an online tool for test case tracking? Have you used any other tool for a small company.

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Forgive me for the shameless self promotion, but you might want to give our baby, Testuff, a try. It's a new hosted test stuff management that integrates with bug trackers and includes video recording. We developed it especially for small-medium companies.

True, it's a Windows client which doesn't fit your requirement, but that's why we were able to provide a smooth UI. Testuff is however affordable, check out our pricing.

We haven't integrated with Unfuddle yet, but if you'll like Testuff then send us feedback and we may re-prioritize :)

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This looks good as well. I will have to evaluate it. – Sam Saffron Oct 28 '08 at 21:05

TOMOS is a test management system which is a hosted web app. Should have everything you need (requirements, test cases, test execution, bug tracking and reporting).

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Thanks Tom, this looks like what I was looking for – Sam Saffron Oct 28 '08 at 21:04

I would like to suggest a tool I have been developing TestLodge - Test Case Management Tool

TestLodge is a relativity new tool compared to the others that you have highlighted in the list and looking over your requirements it meets them in the following ways:

  • Unfuddle integration - TestLodge will integrate with unfuddle to allow you to raise tickets of failed tests automatically on the appropriate unfuddle project.
  • Describe tests in lists - TestLodge allows you to build up all your tests into test suites. Allowing you to update and re-arrange the priority of the tests at any time.
  • Work over each tests and gain reports - Multiple test runs can be created from one or multiple test suites and reports can be viewed along with useful graphs during and at the end of each test run.
  • Hosted and affordable - TestLodge is a hosted app only and has very reasonable price plans. Once signed up you will be provided with your own account url where you will be able to create user accounts for the entire team (There are no user restrictions). TestLodge is designed to work with all major web browsers, so you shouldn't have any problem with running it on different operating systems.

If you have any further questions or requirements that you would like answering, please get in touch.

Thanks, Scott

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