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I am trying to map a different texture on each side of a cube using a GL_QUADS. My first problem is that I cannot even get a texture to display on the side of a GL_QUADS. I can however get a texture to display using GL_TRIANGLES but I do no understand how to draw things very well using triangles and I want to use QUADS. I also can only use GLUT for this. I need an example that works because I do not know enough about OpenGL for someone to simply explain this to me. Someone please help. Thanks!

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Oops didn't realize I forgot to use glTexCoord2f. It works now.

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Go ahead click the check mark to signify you've solved it. :] – GManNickG Mar 6 '10 at 0:42

If you post the code that you are having trouble with, perhaps I can help you. Most likely, you need to set the appropriate texture coordinates per-vertex.

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