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I have a little DNS Spoofing / Blocking system I setup for work. It simply uses a blacklist to spoof the dns records and simply points them to a BLOCK / DENY page.

If I go to the URL directly for instance http://www.redtube.com the system works as expected and displays my index.html and what it should

The problem arises if I go to http://www.redtube.com/video?/43 or anything other than the full domain I get a not found.

I need to to configure Apache so that it drops all the junk after the TLD and simply displays my page such as http://blocked.project.com

Another way to look at it would be to say redirect to index.html if the url entered is not known to the webserver.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Used an apache FallbackResource to achieve exactly what I was after. Had to make sure my image paths on the website were absolute but works a treat.


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