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Noob question here. I have searched Camel examples (including all cxf example) and online forums without finding a clear example.

I have a web service routing/mediation/orchestration scenario with an exposed service calling multiple external services. A camel route exposes a web service facade which passes to a recipient list. For each path, I in turn need to take fields from the incoming facade's request to transform/construct the various requests to call multiple external web services. Each of the external calls returns LOTS of fields, so I choose to do a contract-first generate-sources using the cxf-codegen-plugin for all services including the facade (to avoid lots of xpath code).

To do the translation of web service calls between the facade and external services, I've implemented Processor classes and trying to do the following basic style of translation using the POJOs.

public void process(Exchange exchange) throws Exception {

    MyFacadeReqClass facadeReq = exchange.getIn().getBody(MyFacadeReqClass.class);

    ExternalServiceReqClass externReq = new ExternalServiceReqClass();


    Message out = exchange.getOut();
    out.setHeader("operationName", "myOperation");
    out.setHeader("operationNamespace", "http://my.ns.domain.com");



This generates a "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch" when I attempt to route the exchange to the subsequent cxf endpoint. I realize that the incoming exchange body is a MessageContentsList until I effectively cast it to a MyFacadeReqClass. I have tried setting the body using an array list (based on an online posting) as follows

List<Map<String, ExternalServiceReqClass >> models = new ArrayList<Map<String, ExternalServiceReqClass >>();
Map<String, ExternalServiceReqClass > model = new HashMap<String, ExternalServiceReqClass >();
model.put(ExternalServiceReqClass.class.getName(), externReq);

This still produced the same exception. Seems like this should be bread-and-butter functionality for camel and I'm missing something pretty simple. There seems to be a void of documentation about calling a service via cxf when using generated POJOs. Am I missing something that needs to be added to the headers? Or am I incorrect in how I'm setting the body? Help is greatly appreciated.

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Could you show us the route or a snippet of the route as well? I have done something similar a while ago and got it working. I just need to see a little more detail. Good first question by the way. –  Namphibian May 28 at 21:10

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