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I am creating simple message forum for practice, but would like to solicit some guidance on how to setup the 'reply' to Post entity.

Presently, I have the Category (OneToMany/ManyToOne with post), User (OneToMany/ManyToOne with post), Post (ManytoOne to Category and User) entities.


My question is how would I go about setting up an entity for the 'replies' to the Post entity?

Can someone provide a simple example on how I would go about this?

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I don't think if there's need to reinvent the wheel. Use FOSMessageBundle to handle messaging. If you don't want to use their bundle you can just look at their code, which is a pretty good example IMO

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Yeah I was looking at other forum bundles from github as I'm looking for a simple solution. –  dizzyd May 29 '14 at 7:33

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