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I am using copy node functionality of jstree .While using that I am getting this "error undefined is not a function".I need to copy "b" having all childs node on same level. Here is fiddle.I am reading Api from here http://www.jstree.com/api/

here is my fiddle http://jsfiddle.net/fuu94/195/

$("#copyNode").on("click", function () {
     $('#tree').jstree(true).copy_node ("#b")

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Fiddle seems to be working for me. When do you get this error? –  px5x2 May 28 at 10:29
it is not coppy when user click "copy button" –  user944513 May 28 at 10:30
when you click button then you find this error –  user944513 May 28 at 10:31
No errors for me. –  Shaunak D May 28 at 10:31
Undefined isn't function, means you are calling a nonexistent function –  stackunderflow May 28 at 10:33
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Please read the API carefully. It points out that you have to specify the new parent of the copied node. For example this statement copies the node b under root0:

$('#tree').jstree(true).copy_node ("#b","root0")

Also here's the fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/NLyW8/2/

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can we give new Id to copied "b" –  user944513 May 28 at 10:51
I would do that in the callback function. Look at the fiddle: jsfiddle.net/NLyW8/5 –  oerl May 28 at 10:56
if you change id it will not expand .Also I need to change ID of all inner childs of copied "b" node –  user944513 May 28 at 11:06
Sounds like a new question to me. Please create one and we can have a look. –  oerl May 28 at 11:09
Just add copy text in ID of copy node with same id of b node .Example "copy_b" ,"copy_b-a-1","copy_b-b-2","copy_b-b-a"..so on –  user944513 May 28 at 11:10
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