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I try to do log in through facebook and use the following manual: http://tech.pro/tutorial/1430/ruby-on-rails-4-authentication-with-facebook-and-omniauth

When i try to go to localhost:3000/auth/facebook, there is only blank white page with this url:


The same problem with heroku http://auth-sample.herokuapp.com/auth/facebook

Don't have any idea what to do!..



Rails.application.config.middleware.use OmniAuth::Builder do
  provider :facebook, '1498472207038474', 'c6e381fb3eafcac5bdf9c335013d8677'
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Did you configure your Facebook Application to allow logins from your domains (localhost for example)? –  Tamer Shlash May 28 at 11:18
Also, you should NEVER EVER AT ALL add your Application id and SECRET publicly! you should change the secret at once! –  Tamer Shlash May 28 at 11:18
@TamerShlash it's a sample application, so i decided not to hide them) the only settings, that i've done: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44046136/screen.JPG –  nuT707 May 28 at 13:36
Funny fact, link provided returns 500 from Facebook. OP, you're great. You broke Facebook :D –  Michal Szyndel May 28 at 15:36
@MichalSzyndel lol) meanwhile, i've changed my secret app id and domain from localhost to the heroku's one. still see blank white page, ande all my friends see the same... –  nuT707 May 28 at 23:15
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