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I have tried to create a mock of my BoardService. However, the .then function is not being run in the controller when running the test, but it's working fine when running the actual application.

Here is the test:

beforeEach(inject(function($rootScope, $controller, $q) {

    scope = $rootScope.$new();

    BoardController = $controller('BoardController', {
        $scope: scope,
        board: {
            id: 1,
            tasks: []
        BoardService: {

            addTask: function(data) {
                var defer = $q.defer();
                return defer.promise;


it("should add a new task", function() {

    scope.addTask(category, 'this is a new task');



And the controller function:

$scope.addTask = function(category, task) {

    BoardService.addTask({name: task, category:, boardId: $}).then(function(task_id) {

        // Never reaches here

        $scope.board.tasks.push({id : task_id, name : task, category :, board_id : $});


Why is it never reaching the comment in the .then function?

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After resolving the promise you need to trigger a digest-cycle for angular to pick up on it.

scope.addTask(category, 'this is a new task');
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As we discussed on IRC: you need to call scope.$digest for the promise to fire.

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