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I'm trying to replace parts of a Val() in jquery with some text but am not sure how to do this. $(this).val() returns "# number of...." - I would like to replace # with custom text, but Val doesn't seem to have a replace() function. I'm quite new to JQuery, so I might be missing something obvious. Thanks for any help

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You can pass a function to .val() in 1.4+ like this:

$("#mySelector").val(function(i, v) { //index, current value
  return v.replace("#","Custom Text");
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Thanks, that works perfectly! – o-logn Mar 6 '10 at 4:02
Perfect solution, Thank you +1 – Nimatullah Razmjo 2 days ago

Do not forget to add a .val() at the end :

$("#mySelector").val(function(i, v) {return v.replace("#","Custom Text");}).val();
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