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This may sound very simple to expirenced Perl Scripters, but I'm trying to click on a button on a webpage using Perl and the WWW::Mechanize::Firefox from CPAN. Here is the source code for the button:

<button type="submit" class="add-to-cart nsg-button--nike-orange" >

                        ADD TO CART


This is not the only button on the page by the way, my current method of trying to click on it is click_button => 'ADD TO CART' but that does not seem to be working for me. Any help on clicking this button is greatly needed. Thank you.

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click_button accepts the name of the button, the value of the button, button object, the id of the button, or the button number. ADD TO CART is none of those. –  ikegami May 28 at 14:46
It does not like valid HTML for me. –  user1126070 May 28 at 15:49
If add to cart is none of those then now should I click the button? –  Brett May 28 at 17:53

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You should be able to call $mech->click({ selector => '.add_to_cart' });according to the documentation.

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