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I’ve been trying to install BO on Linux Box from morning. Initially there was issue with Oracle Client, as “LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/lib32:$ORACLE_HOME/lib” was not set. Then once I set these env variables, the installation hangs. Nothing moves forward.

Following are the steps I used

  1. Updated the Tnsnames.ora to include db details.

  2. Select the path cd/tmp/clarity_DVD1

  3. Then command ./cabiinstall.sh
  4. Installation initiates
  5. Agreed to all Terms & condition
  6. Set the response file location as /export/home/clarbo/BOInstall/CommonReporting3/cabiresponse.ini
  7. Then set the installation location as /export/home/clarbo/BOInstall/CommonReporting3
  8. Set the Language to English
  9. Select the type –New Installation
  10. Enter the information for new CMS – I left it to be default
  11. Then select database – Use Existing Database Select Oracle
  12. Enter information of CMS – ( from tnsnames. ora) Provided TNS Name, Username and password.

Once I click enter, it moves back to the original installer screen

Linux Version: Linux 2.6.18-194.el5 x86_64

Oracle Client :

Could anyone advise on this issue? I couldn't find any errors in the setup --> Logs too.



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