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I want to inject a Spring Data JpaRepository into a goodle cloud endpoint class. How can I do this? Because I think currentliy the cloud endpoint class is not under Spring control and the autowired annotated repository remains always to null.

Some one found a solution for guice Appengine with Google Cloud Endpoints and Guice

What I want to do is the Same with Spring. So I want to bring up the cloud endpoints with the spring context.

Currently I do it over the Spring context to get my repositories like:

@Api(name = "myapi", version = "v1", scopes = { Constants.EMAIL_SCOPE }, clientIds = {
    Constants.WEB_CLIENT_ID, Constants.ANDROID_CLIENT_ID,
    Constants.IOS_CLIENT_ID, Constants.API_EXPLORER_CLIENT_ID }, audiences = {
public class TestServiceImpl {

// @Autowired
private TestRepository repository;

public TestServiceImpl () {
    repository = ApplicationContextProvider.getApplicationContext()



But I want to use Autowired, is that possible?

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I encountered the same problem today. I found the solution by adding the following constructor:

public TestServiceImpl() {

Hope it helps.

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