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In the main.bas file there's some code:

gosub Other
If (PwrUpComplete = 1) then
  P. "stuff"

PwrUpComplete is not declared in main.bas, but rather in OTHERFILE.INC which has

unsigned char PwrUpComplete
PwrUpComplete = 1

I prefer C and my Basic chops aren't so great. If it were C, I'd be concerned about variable scope with a reference to a variable from the stack that's now been released and shouldn't be referenced. Other stuff is happening in there and data in the released stack space could be overwritten. Then again, if this were C, this would never get past the compiler because who includes .c files? And there would be an undefined variable being called. It compiles and runs, so the symbol has to link to something. But, in Basic, can a local variable from an included file be referenced in the top level .bas file?

Is this horrifying? Is this typical Basic?

I'm specifically looking at Systronix's BCI51 compiler targeting an 8051 chip, but any Basic knowledge should apply.

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