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I'm building a perl application that interacts with a PostgreSQL database via the DBD::Pg module, and that uses Perl/Tk for it's GUI. It works fairly well on my system, but I'm designing it for a family member to use for their business. They don't have a c++ compiler and don't have a clue what CPAN is. The goal is to not bog them down by having to load a c++ compiler and go to all of the trouble of building a module from source if I can avoid it.

I need to get the Tk module installed onto their computer along with Strawberry Perl (it includes DBD:Pg right out of the box). How do I go about including this module along with my application in order to make things easier on for my end user? Would simply copying my entire C:\strawberry\perl\site\lib\Tk folder into their computer during setup do the trick or does perl need more than that in order to use Tk and be happy with it?

Thanks for the help!

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One way is to convert your application to an executable, using tools like perlapp, perl2exe, or par. If not, i think you can try Strawberry Perl portable versions.

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You can use PAR::Packer module. it generates exe on windows with a simple shell command.

> pp -o test.exe test.pl
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