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I have a situation where I am trying to JOIN two tables based on partially matching text data. I have read the question Using Full-Text Search in SQL Server 2005 across multiple tables, columns and it appears that my best option is to create a VIEW and add a full-text index on the VIEW.

Let me start by giving a little background of the situation. I have an Excel spreadsheet that I need to calculate some pricing for drugs, but the drug names in the spreadsheet do not match exactly to the database where I am pulling the pricing information. So I figured that using full-text search may be the way to go.

What I have done so far, is exported the spreadsheet as a CSV file and used BULK INSERT to import the data into my database. Now, my drug database has a primary key on NDC, but that information is not available on the spreadsheet unfortunately, or my job would be much easier.

I need to basically be able to match 'AMLODIPINE TAB 5MG' and 'AMLODIPINE BESYLATE 5MG TAB'. This is just one example, but the other drugs are similar. My issue is that I'm not even sure how I would be able to create a VIEW in order to add both columns, without them matching.

Is there a way to use a full-text search in a JOIN statement, something like:

SELECT i.Description, m.ProdDescAbbr
FROM dbo.ImportTable i
LEFT JOIN dbo.ManufNames m ON m.ProdDescAbbr <something similar to> i.Description


Not all of the drug names will contain extra words, another example that I am trying to match is: 'ACYCLOVIR TAB 800MG' AND 'ACYCLOVIR 800MG TAB'

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You can add a


in front of your SQL to create the view. Then you could

ON view_name(Description, ProdDescAbbr)

Then you can


That will let you run a search with

WHERE CONTAINS( (Description, ProdDescAbbr), 'search_term')
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Basically, I need the Description field to BE the search term when querying against ProdDescAbbr, if that makes sense. I am not manually specifying a search term, I need to JOIN the two tables based on the Description and ProdDescAbbr fields being similar. – dub stylee May 28 '14 at 17:43

in my work I saw this (fancy for me) function CONTAINSTABLE, which uses full text index. Maybe to much complicated function for this situation, but I wanted to share.

Returns a table of zero, one, or more rows for those columns containing precise or fuzzy (less precise) matches to single words and phrases, the proximity of words within a certain distance of one another, or weighted matches

Overall I see that you will need to prepare search condition (make it text) before looking for it.


SELECT select_list
INNER JOIN CONTAINSTABLE(table, column, contains_search_condition) AS KEY_TBL
   ON FT_TBL.unique_key_column = KEY_TBL.[KEY];

source http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms189760.aspx

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I will try this and see if I can apply it to my situation. Thanks. – dub stylee May 28 '14 at 18:21

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