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I have a problem with the following code:

public function index() {
    $qObj = \DB::table('customers as c')
            ->join('companies_has_customers as chc', 'chc.comhc_cus_id', '=', 'c.cus_id')
            ->join('cuscategory as cc', 'chc.comhc_cca_id', '=', 'cc.cca_id')
            ->join('transactions as t','t.trn_cus_id', '=','c.cus_id')

    $qObj->where('comhc_com_id', '=', $this->companyId);

    $res = array(
        'count' => $qObj->count(),
        'items' => $qObj->get()


    return parent::prepareResponse($res, 200, 'customers');

And this piece of code produces following SQL query:

select * from `customers` as `c` 
inner join `companies_has_customers` as `chc` on `chc`.`comhc_cus_id` = `c`.`cus_id`     
inner join `cuscategory` as `cc` on `chc`.`comhc_cca_id` = `cc`.`cca_id` 
inner join `transactions` as `t` on `t`.`trn_cus_id` = `c`.`cus_id` 
where comhc_com_id` = 1


Why QueryBuilder produce select *... instead of select t.trn_id... as is requested in above syntax?

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Put it in $qObj->get(['t.trn_id']) like this:

$res = array(
    'items' => $items = $qObj->get(['t.trn_id']),
    'count' => count($items) // count the cached $items

Instead of select ( Remove select('t.trn_id')).

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great answer, thank you! – user2987281 May 28 '14 at 18:03
You are welcome :-) – The Alpha May 28 '14 at 18:04
Also there was a mistake, i missed the $qObj->count() and wrote $qObj->get() twice, updated it. – The Alpha May 28 '14 at 18:06

Change the order:

$res = array(
    'items' => $qObj->get(),
    'count' => $qObj->count()

and it will work.

But better, instead of querying DB twice, do this:

$items = $qObj->get();

$res = array(
    'items' => $items,
    'count' => count($items)

The problem with your code is count() method behaviour - it resets the columns property (set with select), that's all.

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useful advice, thanks! – user2987281 May 28 '14 at 18:16

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