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I currently have a resource file of type CSV that I am updating via a button click.

After grabbing the new CSV from SQL server query how can I assign the new CSV as the value of my resource.

What I want (but does not work):

    Resources.services = getNewServices();

Where get new services returns a CSV file.


My declaration for the file is as such in my project 'properties/resources.rex' file:

    public static string clients {
        get {
            return ResourceManager.GetString("clients", resourceCulture);

This was automatically generated from double clicking resources.resx and manually adding a csv file (which I keep in my project folder).

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How are you defining that resource file? –  Admiral Adama May 28 at 17:50
possible duplicate of WPF Dynamically change resource file and theme –  Admiral Adama May 28 at 17:56
@AdmiralAdama thanks for the fast reply, please see my updates to the question. Thanks. –  ericleit May 28 at 18:07

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