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For my J2EE course, I must build a simple application server in java, like Apache Tomcat, but I do not know how to start. I could not find any reference or article on the Internet about java application servers and their architecture except a book entitled "Building Application Servers" by Rick Leander. Can anyone help me in finding article about application server architecture or how implementing them?

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Frankly, this is all nonsense. Nobody "builds an application server" for a "J2EE" course. That's like asking to build a "simple" JVM for a Java course. You can readily grasp the basic architecture of an application server from a simple block diagram, there's certainly no need to build one. JEE is complicated enough without having to create and app server in the process. This is why the answers are all over the map. You need to clarify what is really being asked of you here. – Will Hartung May 28 '14 at 18:43
Can you be more specific ? What standards do you have to support ? jsp ? What is exactly your task ? – sherif May 28 '14 at 18:51
I know it is a complicated project, and I want some general tip because I do not know how to start. I want to know the architecture of simple application server. The Instructor does not say what standards the application server must have. I think he want something like Tomcat because we are working with it in our class. – Shahab May 29 '14 at 8:40

Apache Tomcat or Glassfish for instance are open source projects, you can take a look at their code.

You can have a look at this link for Apache Tomcat source code

You can have a look at this link for Glassfish source code

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anynimous downvoter, please add more information! But i will do instead of you, it think that the original poster (OP) is trying to build a simple hello world web app, not make is own server from the scratch. – Victor May 28 '14 at 18:29

Apache Tomcat is a servlet container, more than a web server. It is unclear what the intention of this application server would be and what features should it have. If your intention is indeed to make an Apache Tomcat like servlet container to run java applications and serve them over the web then you should start by looking at The Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages specifications.

Look at the specifications and implement them.

While you attempt to implement them you will most probably get stuck at multiple places. At those moments, Seek help from the Apache Tomcat mailing list and try to contribute constructively to the discussions! It will help you and the community!

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There you go.. I started with that to.. The best tutorial


As i understand this is your first time so i will try to explain. You have here also something:

Please consider that this is not an easy thing to do without knowledge So first step install this all the tools you need: Jdk(Java that i guess you have), Eclipse(In the link you will have tomcat plugin), Tomcat(Application that knows to run you java applications,war files) Jsf jars(This will give you the ability to create web pages that connected to bean(Class on server side)

The second step should be easy..

You need to open project like described in the tutorial(Dynamic Web project) Which is a project that helps here with configuration and will be connected to tomcat and jsf without your configuration.

You need to follow those steps.. But first you need to be able to install and run tomcat, You can try it in the second link that i have sent..

Consider it won't be easy but this is a start and after that it will be much easier.

Hope that focus you a little bit


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the linked content does not deal with a j2ee server implementation – sherif May 28 '14 at 18:46
Yes it does.. I will write down more explained.. With the server,Eclipse and all you need in order to make simple web application(j2ee) – Aviad May 28 '14 at 20:32
Off Topic?? The guy needs to build some web application.. This is manual and a bit terms that will help him start.. – Aviad May 28 '14 at 20:54
@Aviad The guy needs to build A SIMPLE APPLICATION SERVER not WEB APPLICATION. Read the question carefully before posting please. – anu May 28 '14 at 22:13
He talked about Tomcat, J2ee so i guess he meant web application.. Server application can be just thread with socket regardless to tomcat.. Ok. You can dismiss this one.. If you all think it is not realted so i probably didn't understood what he needs :) – Aviad May 28 '14 at 22:16

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