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I'm using several foundation plugins on this page. Equalizer, and Reveal. When the foundation initializer is being called it throws Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'top' of undefined on the <script>$(document).foundation();</script> call.

I assume it's related to the markup being parsed associated to one of the plugins. Here's the markup...


   <div class="row" data-equalizer>
                <div class="overlay large-4 large-offset-4 columns clearfix">
                   ... text
                <div class="large-4 columns clearfix">
                ... text


<a id="terms" href="terms.php" data-reveal-id="termsModal" target="_blank" data-reveal-ajax="terms.php">Terms &amp; Conditions</a></label>
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After troubleshooting a bit more, I realized the equalizer plugin was missing some markup.

I needed to add the data-equalizer-watch attribute on the child nodes.

<div class="row" data-equalizer>
   <div class="large-6 columns panel" data-equalizer-watch>
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