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I have a WCF service as a website in azure and I have a ACS configured in azure .I want to protect the WCF using certificates stored in service identities in ACS . I have done all the configuration in ACS with the relying parties and creating certificates.Also added the client certificate as a service identity.

I am not sure what is the web.config changes in the service to make it trust the ACS and how to make sure that the token the clients present is valid .

Second I have the below code which is the client code for calling the web service.When I do a simple call to the web service by directly invoking the service method it succeeds but when I do it by creating a channel factory it errors out by Visual Studio opening a Credential Window and saying Visual Studio was unable to create a secure connection.Authentication failed.

    ChannelFactory<ServiceReference1.IService1> stringServiceFactory = CreateChannelFactory(acsCertificateEndpoint, ServiceAddress);
                ServiceReference1.IService1 stringService = stringServiceFactory.CreateChannel();
                ICommunicationObject channel = (ICommunicationObject)stringService;

                ServiceReference1.Service1Client ss = new ServiceReference1.Service1Client();

                    string outputString = stringService.GetData(1);
                    Console.WriteLine("Service responded with: " + outputString);
                    Console.WriteLine("Press <ENTER> to exit");

                catch (Exception e)
                    Console.WriteLine("Exception thrown during execution: " + e.ToString());

 private static ChannelFactory<ServiceReference1.IService1> CreateChannelFactory(string acsCertificateEndpoint, string serviceEndpoint)
        // The WCF service endpoint host name may not match the service certificate subject.
        // By default, the host name is 'localhost' and the certificate subject is 'WcfServiceCertificate'.
        // Create a DNS Endpoint identity to match WcfServiceCertificate.
        EndpointAddress serviceEndpointAddress = new EndpointAddress(new Uri(serviceEndpoint),

        ChannelFactory<ServiceReference1.IService1> stringServiceFactory = new ChannelFactory<ServiceReference1.IService1>(Bindings.CreateServiceBinding(acsCertificateEndpoint), serviceEndpointAddress);

        // Set the service credentials and disable certificate validation to work with sample certificates
        stringServiceFactory.Credentials.ServiceCertificate.Authentication.CertificateValidationMode = X509CertificateValidationMode.None;
        stringServiceFactory.Credentials.ServiceCertificate.DefaultCertificate = GetServiceCertificate();

        // Set the client credentials.
        stringServiceFactory.Credentials.ClientCertificate.Certificate = GetClientCertificateWithPrivateKey();

        return stringServiceFactory;
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