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I have installed PyDev successfully, I have python 3.4.0 installed successfully and the folder containing python.exe is in my path and I can run it from the command line.

However, when I go to window\preferences\pydev\interpreters\python interpreter and select 'quick auto-config' to configure it using normal python I get an error saying 'auto configurator could not find a valid interpreter... Note the system environment variables used for Jython are PATH and PYTHONHOME.'

Unless this is a bug in the text I am not selecting Jython (I get a different error if I select IronPython, btw, so this is not a generic error message).

The trace is as follows:

Errors getting info on discovered interpreter(s). See error log for details.

java.lang.RuntimeException: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "python": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

As I say, python.exe is in my path.

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I found the answer, but I'll leave this up in case anyone else gets it. It's a pretty stupid auto config option if you ask me ;)

In the higher level window\preferences\pydev\interpreters\ preference you need to untick jython and ironpython.

No idea why given I selected the Python sub-preference specifically.

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It seems like a bug... can you report that at sw-brainwy.rhcloud.com/tracker/PyDev ? –  Fabio Zadrozny Jun 16 at 15:09

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