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I have an index displaying all objects with certain queries (search, order, tagged, paginate) in a table. In this table, I have the object name and the distance that object is from an address (using geocoder), calling this function:

def distance

Unfortunately, a whole bunch of the distances show up as NaN. When I reload the page, however, they sometimes give me different objects having NaN for distance, or sometimes all of them are there. Why would the value for distance change upon each reload? I can't seem to figure out any pattern to when one value is NaN or correct. Does it have to do with the location type being a float value?

PS: Also, this only seems to happen in development mode.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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I have a FloatDomainError when going to a different page and then returning back to the index page in development. I checked the logs in production and it says Google Geocoding API error : over query limit, so I assume it has to do with the speed I make queries. I guess I have to cache the distance to the database itself so that I don't have to keep making queries. –  user3677945 May 28 at 23:05

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