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I want to make a script that can be used to send messages to our friends on facebook. How do I proceed? Which is the best module to use?

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+1, why the downvote? Perfectly good programming related question. –  JL. Mar 6 '10 at 11:42
My motive is that I want myself to be notified of some even occurred to my mobile through sms. And as in my country, FACEBOOK provides free sms updates, I can send a message to myself, so that I would get instant notification of some event.. –  shadyabhi Mar 7 '10 at 6:40
I'm writing a script to assign secret Santas, so that no one knows who has who. I don't have some of my friends' email addresses, but I do have them on Facebook. I sure there are literally tens of other reasons to need to do this. –  Dean Dec 6 '11 at 8:41

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You may indeed want pyfacebook as another answer suggested, though the URL I'm giving (on github.com) is where the project (esp. its source;-) actually lives.

A simple survey of Python APIs for facebook is here, and it also points to a possibly-simpler but less complete API, if you want to run in Google App Engine, i.e., simplefacebook. pyfacebook does not limit you to App Engine specifically, though it can support it of course.

A pyfacebook tutorial is here -- it even briefly shows how to use it from an interactive interpreter (!), though the bulk of the tutorial is about doing web apps, of course.

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I just wanna confirm that can i send Personal Messages using that? –  shadyabhi Mar 7 '10 at 6:50
@Shadyabhi, looks like you can, within all Facebook policy constraints of course, cfr e.g. wiki.developers.facebook.com/index.php/Notes.create (user must grant create_note extended permission). –  Alex Martelli Mar 7 '10 at 16:44

PyFacebook is a Python client library for the Facebook API.

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